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Tonight is the game of the year. The home game against FC Barcelona. We have been waiting for this matchup for five years. That’s the shining now we are in. However this day also gives us a first glimpse at the future FC Bayern Munich. Mario Götze will be wearing the FC Bayern jersey next season.

There is exactly one player in the Borussia Dortmund squad which has the qualities that Bayern is lacking. This player is not called Lewandowski, Reus or Hummels, but Götze. Götze is not a transfer out of desperation, like Andreas Herzog, Ciriaco Sforza, Torsten Frings, Michael Ballack or Mirsolav Klose. The days of buying the best players of each Bundesliga season without thinking about their usefulness to the team, seem to be over. Götze is a fit to the team in the way he plays football, but also a promise for the future.

Depending on the opponent and the situation in the game, Götze can be an alternative to Toni Kroos as an attacking midfielder. He is a different player than Toni Kroos and his skills at keeping the ball close and winning one-on-one situations have been lacking Bayern’s offensive midfield. But with Götze moving in as a attacking midfielder he frees Kroos up to play at the position, which seems to be made for him. An offensive, game-shaping and -influencing midfielder. Schweinsteiger probably still has some good years in him. But this season also shows that due to his physical way of playing the game, he needs his breaks to recover. Kroos is the perfect sub at this position.

Franck Ribery is already 30 years old. Götze might be a little bit wasted if he plays as a left-wing, but he has dribbling skills which come pretty close to those of Ribery. The way Ribery changes the rhythm of the game is a basic element of the way Bayern plays. Götze is a strong dribbler and knows how to speed up the game, so he also qualifies as a backup for Ribery.

And then there is the possibility of Bayern playing without a “real” striker. Personally, I am a big fan of the traditional striker up front, which can score goals with his head and defend the ball against robust defenders. However with Guardiola coming in, a Bayern without “real” striker seems possible and Götze is a perfect fit for that as well.

The transfer of Mario Götze makes sense, is logical and expands Bayern’s possibilities of playing football. It lays the foundation for further Bayern successes in the coming years. The future is now – at least for a short moment. There is still a vague feeling of unease regarding the time of the announcement of the transfer. In various ways the Götze transfer reminds one of the Deisler transfer back in 2002. The biggest talent in German football transfers for a lot of money to Bayern. Today we know that the early announcement of the transfer was one of many reasons why Deisler started to suffer from depression. After the announcement Deisler was faced with unbelievable hostility in Berlin. History does not have to repeat itself. Everybody involved should remember the fate of Deisler and draw their conclusions.